Here’s where we need your help!

SECA members have agreed to rally together to encourage our local councils to declare a Climate Emergency.  We’re now ready to take the first step in that campaign.  We hope you are able to join in!

There are currently two County Councils in our area with a Climate Emergency motion on their agenda over the next month.  Surrey County Council is debating a motion on Tuesday March 19th.  The West Sussex debate is scheduled for Friday April 5th.  So time is of the essence.

We want to mobilise a letter writing campaign across both counties, using the networks of all our member groups and supporters.  We have drafted two ‘Calls to Action’, one for each county, with instructions on how to contact your local County Councillor, and advice on how to write a good letter.  Here’s the links:

  • Surrey Call to Action: 
  • West Sussex Call to Action: 

We are asking you to take action as individuals, but also mobilise your friends and any networks you are part of.  To spread the word, you can forward this email to your contacts, or copy the relevant link and send it with your own covering note.   We’ll be publicising the campaign via social media, so please watch out for posts and share them widely.

Many thanks for your help on this.  Let’s see what we can achieve together!

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