Tonight, 18th June 2019, an extra-ordinary meeting of Mole Valley District Council voted UNANIMOUSLY to declare a meaningful Climate Emergency.  Thanks to all who responded to our urgent call-out and managed to attend the debate. And even more thanks to Claire Malcolmson and Clayton Wellman who presented the motion. 

It reads:
Council therefore resolves to:

  1. Declare a Climate Emergency.
  2. Pledge to make Mole Valley District Council and its contractors carbon neutral by 2030, or earlier
    if possible, taking into account both production and consumption emissions.
  3. Lobby Surrey County Council and the to provide resources that will make possible the 2030 target date set by scientists for total carbon neutrality.
  4. Work cross-party within Mole Valley District Council, and with local businesses, land owners, community organisations and residents to make a positively beneficial impact on the environment and biodiversity in the District.
  5. Place climate change on agendas to be discussed at appropriate committees – to build strategies and
    action plans with timescales.
  6. Report actions undertaken to address this emergency to Council twice a year and inform Council of planned actions for the next period.
  7. Use these actions to help create jobs and a stronger community, along with increased wellbeing and
    a sustainable future.

    An amendment to change the date of carbon neutrality to 2050 was defeated and Councillors emphasised
    the need for individual action and a robust and forward-looking approach.

    We await developments with great interest and look to Surrey County Council and the 9 remaining local & district Councils to do likewise.

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