It all started with a well-attended World SOS Climate Emergency Day meeting organised by Carrie and Nicola and held at Horsham Unitarian Church on Feb 2nd. When I say “well attended” I mean the hall was full, and we’d had to move it twice because of so much interest. 

Fourteen groups spoke inspiringly at an SOS Climate Emergency meeting that spawned the Alliance, and around 126 people attended, filling the Unitarian Church in Horsham. This included three local ten-year-olds Ella, Ellie and Emma, there to remind us they are depending on us for action! 

From this came South East Climate Alliance (SECA), a coalition of ‘green’ groups in the South East of England.

What is SECA?

Our first action will be to support affiliated green groups in the drive for local councils to Declare a Climate Emergency. 

Two ways to do this: 

1.    Approach current local councils to encourage them to Declare a Climate Emergency

2.    Use local election campaigns to focus on the issue and get candidates to commit to support a Declaration of Climate Emergency

We are non party political and inclusive. Groups in SECA will remain independent, and  SECA will offer centralised resources and support, share ideas and help coordinate action. While encouraging groups to refrain from violent activities and stay within the law we are an informal alliance of community groups and are not responsible for the actions of individual groups. 

According to Climate Emergency UK 20 councils have either declared Climate Emergency or plan to, including  Brighton & Hove

We’ve already got loads of take-up with groups like Transition Towns and Extinction Rebellion and all sorts of others.  We’re hoping to soon launch our own SECA website, watch this space!

Our Facebook group (currently closed, but do apply to join) is at:

Join us. Just email If you are a group you will need to give one lead contact email and a website link if you have one. If you are an individual we will add you to our mailing list . Please notify us if you do not wish to be included on the mailing list.

What’s happening?

Transition Chichester: A motion to ‘Declare a Climate Emergency’ is being put forward to West Sussex County Council, Chichester this Friday, 15th of Feb. But it looks like it won’t be debated until April 5.

We have a rare moment to make a difference! Would you send a quick email to your county councillor? There’s an easy link to do this . It doesn’t matter which party they represent as this this should not be a party political issue.

It only needs a quick message telling them:

•                   that you live in their ward

•                   that you want them to support the motion to declare a climate emergency

•                   that this is not a party political issue so needs cross-party collaboration

•                   + you could add a few words as to why you think we need to act on climate change

The motion is item 6b on the agenda (link ).

Then forward this email to anyone else in West Sussex that you know who feels strongly about Climate Change.

On Friday the front of County Hall is to be cordoned off for cars to give any demonstrators plenty of room. If you have any idea of numbers please let Charles Gauntlett know at Chichester. He suggests arriving at County Hall for about 10am as most county councillors are likely to be available around this time before the meeting starts at 10.30am.

The main public gallery holds up to 80 people and a webcast can be arranged in another room if numbers are likely to be higher. Placards and banners cannot be taken into the public gallery. Also there is no public speaking or question time at our Council meetings.

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