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Actions by governments, councils and business need to be matched by those of individuals if we’re to get on top of the climate emergency.  But where do you start?

Here are a series of links to some excellent resources on this topic, some from national websites and others from individual SECA member groups.

52 Actions – is a website listing 52 different actions you can take, clustered under the following themes.

The 52 Climate Action themes

WSCC climate pledge – a series of practical pledges you can make as an individual. Sign up to the Facebook Group and you’ll get extra tips and reminders on how to go to the next step. 

What can you do? – 9 practical actions from Nicola Peel’s Eyes of Gaia website.

Pledges for the Planet  Two practical sets of pledges from Carrie Cort’s Sussex Green Living website.on what you can do make a difference.  Use them as a tick list to stick up on the fridge:

What can I do to make a difference?

SECA monthly actions

We have decided to suggest one idea each month for a combined action that SECA members can get behind.  By joining forces we figured we could really multiply our impact!  We started in November 2019.  Click on the link for more info on each action.

Nicola Peel is going to be coordinating the monthly actions, and she’ll be contacting SECA member groups to look for suggestions for future actions. The plan is to come up with a programme for several months ahead so member groups that are interested in taking part can gear up to get involved. If you have any ideas, contact Nicola on

Measure you carbon footprint

Getting an idea of your individual carbon footprint is an important first step in figuring out where your actions can make the greatest difference.  There are many carbon footprint calculators around;  the WWF calculator is one of easiest to use and compares your estimated emissions to the 2020 target set by the UN.  It asks a series of general questions on your lifestyle and consumption patterns, and doesn’t require meter readings.

Calculate your carbon footprint

Carbon Independent is another good tool which covers direct and indirect emissions.  This is more precise as it asks you to put in actual gas and electricity meter readings, along with travel mileage assumptions.

It’s notable that the two calculators produce quite different figures – reflecting the somewhat different assumptions they are making.  Provided you keep using the same one, you can track your emissions trajectory over time and see how your individual actions can combine to drive down your emissions.

Do let us know of any favourite resources of this kind that you know about. Email us at

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